Things to do in San Cristóbal, Mexico

Traveling in Mexico have been one of my best travel experiences, it is a country which contain so much dramatic history, interesting culture, beatiful nature and kind people!

On our way to Guatemala we decided to stop in San Cristobal, which we found out to be time well spent!

Find a cosy hotel to stay at –  We stayed at a small family-owned hotel they made us these cute lunch bags. It was quite cold in San Cristóbal, as it is in the mountains, so it was the only place where we actually slept with duvets.


Go swimming in Agua Azul –  the water was cold by it was really refreshing to take a dip in the crystal clear blue water


Take a tour around the lake in these wooden ‘boats’unspecified-7

Take pit-shop and enjoy the juicy tortillas

What I would have loved to do in San Cristobal, but I missed out on: Yoga… I would very much have wanted to take a yoga class while being in the relaxed and beautiful settings of San Cristobal.

You can read about my stay in Mexico at Exploring cenotes in Yucatan! or Following the Mayan foot steps

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  1. Janne says:

    Wow! This sounds so great.


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