8 things to do in Rajasthan, India

Before leaving to India I had a lot of friends and family asking me why I wanted to travel to India and whether it would be safe or not. There are many reasons why I loved my stay in India and here a some of the things what I would recommend you to do:

  1. Visit Taj Mahal be ready to get up early (5:00 in the morning) and you will be able to see the sunrise over  Taj Mahal!
  2. Drink a Chai! It will offered from various street food stands. You can also attend a cooking class where they teach how to make Chai.
  3.  Experience Ganges River – the most polluted river in the world- but also one of the most holy ones. It was a truly experience to see how Indians worship this river. We took a boat trip in the morning before the sun rise and again during the sunset. If you have to choose I would recommend the sunrise if you would like to limit the chance of walking on cockroaches(!!) The most interesting part about the evening tour is you would be able to witness the characteristics  funeral  fires which is a very unique experience.
  4. Take a Yoga class: enjoy the view over The Ganges River and say ”ooohm…” and practicing yoga in the origin form.
  5. Taste indian food – ask for it to be less spicy it will still be surprisingly spicy for a mild dish! My personal favorite dish was and is Butter Chicken with Naan bread
  6. Explore all senses and take in all the colors of India’s and the intense smell of spices
  7. Visit palaces, gardens, and fortresses – which you will find plenty of in India!
  8. Enjoy saying namaste to everyone you meet!

 Tip: Women travelers should consider buying a set of indian clothes and a scarf – you will feel comfortable and blend more in while walking around in the streets of India.

One thing I regret I didn’t do while traveling in India was to visit the desert by Camel and sleep underneath the sky full of stars!

Morning shower in the holy Ganges River2012-10-17-03-10-41

Two beautiful Indian girls2012-10-07-06-58-43

Transportation – everyone is allowed on the streets2012-10-07-05-53-40

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