Dive at the spectacular Sipadan Island

Sipadan is a small island located on the east coats of Borneo. Sipadan is one of the best places in the world, and yes… it is quite amazing.

HOW TO GET THERE: To dive a Sipadan you need to stay at a resort at Mabul Island, as they have the needed permissions to take divers to Sipadan Island. Therefore, book a stay including diving permissions a Mabul Island. The resort will plan for transportation to Mabul Island from either Semporna or Tawau (maybe other places as well, but these was the options we had).

BEFORE LEAVING FOR SIPADAN: It will be time best spent if you already have your dive certificate before coming to Mabul/Sipdan then you avoid spending your time in the pool, but actually in the coral reefs.

BOOKINGWe booked the resort 4 weeks before we would arrived at Mabul, and many resorts was already sold out – do book well in advance as there is limited space. Booking resorts at Mabul is quite primitive and not possible to do by Hotels.com, booking.com or similar sites.

WHAT TO BRING: You can bring you own diving gear, but it can all be borrowed at Mabul Island for a decent price. Bring some snacks, the food served at the resorts is not the best.

ARRIVING: At the first day you will have an introduction to the resort, diving and the islands. Right after you will be able to book more diving days at Sipadan (if there a more permissions available – only 200 permissions is provided a per day) Try to see if you can get two days as Sipadan and then one at Mabul.

At Barracuda Point


A break at Sipadan Beachimage-1-2-kopi

Searching for beautiful fishimage-1-2

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