10 reasons why a sailing tour from Caye Caulker to Placencia is worth it!

Belize is an interesting place to visit not only for it’s beautiful nature, reefs and dining oppurtunities,  but also for its people: They will tell you (if you walk too fast) that you need to relax and take it easy. How pleasant is that! Besides the ATM cave tour, this three day sailing trip was defiantly on my list of best experiences in Belize.

We booked the tour a few days before the departure (It might be a good idea to book one or more weeks in advance, as it might be sold out). It took us some time to decide whether we wanted to spend 450$ per person on this trip or not – but i did not at anytime regret that I went on this tour.

We started at Caye Caulker and sailed by a Catamaran down to Placencia, here is some of the highlight from our trip:

Top 10 reasons

  1. Stayed overnight in a tent at a deserted island
  2. Enjoyed the waves of the Belize’s great barrier reef
  3. Snorkeled at Belize’s great barrier reef
  4. Caught our own dinner either by trawling rods, spin rods or spear gun(!). We caught Lobster and some other sort of fish(which i don’t recall the name of)  you don’t need to prepare it yourself but it will be served at dinner or lunch to the joy of everyone on board
  5. Dived after Conch Shells at the bottom of the sea (2-3 m. down) to find and prepare Clams for ceviche which is living inside of the shell (it tasted amazing). I got three!
  6. Sunbathed in the middle of the sea where you cannot see land no matter which way you look
  7. Jumped into the water from the boat (this turned out to be great fun)
  8. Experienced amazing sea life when snorkeling
  9. Met new fantastic people, which I am very certain that you will too!
  10. You will have a memory for life!

    You can read about my stay in Belize at ATM cave tour, Belize

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