Climb Mount Kinabalu

Borneo, Sabah is an remarkable place with the beautiful Mount Kinabalu, wild life and one of the most recognized diving destinations. We spent one of our days climbing Mount Kinabalu, which was challenging but an amazing experience.

Climb Mount Kinabalu

It took us between 2-3 hours to make it to the base camp and additional 3 hours to make it all the way to the top. The last three hours was quite challenging due to bad visibility and slippery rocks. It was quite amazing to get to the top even though it was too cloudy to see the sun rise.

HOW TO GET THERE: If you buy the ticket at a travel agency (In Kota Kinabalu they are all located in the same building)  they will provide a bus which ice you up at your hotel and drives you to Mount Kinabalu.

BOOKINGWe booked the tickets at a travel agency in Kota Kinabalu the day before we went went towards Mount Kinabalu. Try to plan it for a sunny day, as if it is too rainy and windy the climb to the top will be cancelled and that is the best part.

WHAT TO WEAR AND WHAT TO BRING:  Wear lightweight clothing, walking or hiking shoes, a water proof backpack in case of rain, app. 2 l. water refillable water bottle (maybe more, it will depends on your needs), snacks, hiking pole (you will not regret this one), toiletries, change of clothes for something warm and windproof, it will be very cold and windy (!) when you will start the climb at 2:00 in the night, a head torch (bring one from home, I did not find it cheap to buy in KK), beanie, scarf, gloves (this is one of the mod essential things to bring – you will be climbing by pulling yourself up with a robe and you will need waterproof gloves to avoid that your hands will be cold or burnt by the robe!

It is an amazing experience to stand on the top of Mount Kinabalu, but even more beautiful as we went further down the mountain and the sun came through the clouds.

Advice: Don’t plan to go for any walks 1-2 days after you have climbed Mount Kinabalu, we almost couldn’t event make it out of bed for a few days…


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